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Try to take over the world!!!!!


Ahem. Er…sorry about that.

So, last night, after Caroline went to bed, Adam and I played Monopoly.

"Um. What are you doing?" "Oh, nothing. Just documenting."

As you already know, this usually ends in some form of colossal financial failure for me. True to form, Adam whooped me soundly during our first round.

"Ha! I win again! My Monopoly empire reigns supreme!"

I even tried not to trade anything stupid or buy any useless properties!

See! I even had TWO good monopolies! WTF?!?

Adam went against his own Monopoly Tycoon Rules and bought Boardwalk and Park Place.

You think your rent is bad? Try landing on one of these bad boys...

Yeah, that’s my battleship. Sinking under the Boardwalk.

BUT! I am no pushover! I resurrected my battleship for another round. A rematch to determine the true champion of the evening!

"I declare my lovely and brilliant wife to be the ultimate Monpoly Champion!" (boo hoo hoo....sniffle...pout)

Yes, that’s right! I WON!!!!! I shall leave you now with some scenes of his crushing defeat. A financial massacre of epic proportions…

My riches! All mined one by one from his pockets.


Take that, horsey man!!!!! Mwahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!!

And, yes, I do get to gloat. I only win once a year or so!



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For the past two and a half years, I have been trying to beat Adam at Monopoly. So far, I’ve only beat him once.

This is me, beating him…

It was a proud moment. It took me a year and a half, I deserved a few moments of gloating.

I’ve even tried ganging up on him with his Dad…

…it didn’t work, despite our best attempts to strike fear into Adam’s heart with our Monopoly Armageddon Faces.

For some reason beyond my understanding, Adam is some kind of Monopoly Rainman. No one can beat him. Well, 99.99% of the time, at least.

The games usually go like this…

He somehow miraculously lands on the properties I land on most (or I’m stupid enough to trade him the orange ones) and builds some houses on them…

Then, he puts some stinking hotels on them and lies in wait for me…


And I mortgage all my property just to pay his stinking rent…


Then, he ends up taking all of my money. This moment always leaves us quoting that 80’s classic, “Better Off Dead”…

“I want my two dollars!”


Yeah, yeah, yeah…you win again.

Stupid Monopoly. I WILL win again, even if it takes me another year and a half!!!!!



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