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I want to be where the talk of the town is about last night when the sun went down,

Yeah, and the trees all dance and the warm wind blows in that same old sound.

And the water below gives a gift to the sky,

And the clouds give back every time they cry,

And make the grass grow green beneath my toes…

And if the sun comes out, I’ll paint a picture all about the colors I’ve been dreaming of…

The hours just don’t seem enough to put it all together…

Maybe it’s as strange as it seems.


(Thank you, Jack Johnson, for your beautiful song. I cry every time I hear it. Yeah, I’m a sap like that. Last night’s rain, today’s glorious silver sky, and the beauty of my garden this morning inspired the connection.)



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my little sprout

Today is day 15 of our little garden.

Adam, Caroline, and I took an evening stroll through the garden to see how things were doing, and we discovered beautiful little emerging plants that hadn’t been there this morning! Life is amazing. ❤

6 days ago, we planted our first in-ground seeds. Many of them made an appearance today:



sneaky halloween pumpkin

peas? spinach?


I…er…forgot to mark the rows.


yellow squash

The carrots and romaine are starting to sprout, as well…




The bell peppers are finally sprouting in their little cups…


bell peppers

The muskmelons and tomatoes that I transplanted (eagerly and early) are (fortunately) doing very well!





And the winter squash are absolutely glorious!


winter squash


Life is a magic…thing…yeah, yeah, yeah! 😉















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How exciting! A few hours’ work together, and we have a beautiful garden (and a healthy dose of vitamin D, to boot!).

We planted sweet corn, peas, yellow beans, green beans, spinach, zucchini, and yellow crookneck squash. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all. =09

At the end, on the left, is a row for the muskmelon and tomatoes.

We used Just Natural organic compost and garden soil from Lowe’s to amend our sand. It really made it rich and beautiful. We also got two trays of marigolds from them to use as a pretty visual border and natural pest control.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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