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So, about three weeks later, the kids have earned back a few of their toys. I can’t say I’m all that impressed with their behavior since. I can’t say I blame them, though. I’d be all kinds of bent out of shape if that had happened to me. But, they have been making baby steps of improvement every day.

They have all spent the last week away…Derrick with his Mother, and the girls with their Gramma & Papa. I’m hoping that this coming week will be great! It would be wonderful for them to earn back some more toys.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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Today was the day of the camel’s back breaking. They completely missed the point of the experiment. Sigh…

Yet again today we asked them to take care of their responsibilities (put away your clean clothes and clean your room before you go play outside) multiple times. I even stood in their room with them and pointed out each specific thing that they needed to take care of. Nada. We were ignored, as usual. I went into their room five minutes later, and the only thing they’d done right was put their toys away – the garbage still lay on the floor, the laundry basket had been shoved in the closet. And there they were, playing outside like it didn’t matter that they’d been deliberately disrespectful.

*insert long string of very colorful words here ala Yosemite Sam*

For some reason, our kids seem to like getting yelled at. They would rather play than be respectful of us or each other. Nothing we have done has worked. Nothing. Rewards don’t work. Punishment doesn’t work. Giving them responsibilities so that they can feel like important and valued members of the family doesn’t work. It was time for drastic measures…

So Adam and I got together to figure out what we could do to stop the massive disrespect problem. Because I’m very firm on the concept of natural consequences, we had to make sure that the punishment fit the crime. We eventually deduced that what was happening was that when we asked them to do something – regardless of what it was – they would choose not to do it because it was not fun and they would rather play. So, we stripped their room of everything except for their books and one stuffed animal each. We had a long talk with them (which was strikingly similar to at least a few dozen previously held conversations) about why their behavior is unacceptable, why their toys were being taken away, and what they could do to earn them back.

They are now sitting on their beds, contemplating what they can do to change their behavior.

To be continued…

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Due to the unfair and disrespectful treatment of the parents in this house, the Parental Union is going on strike today! Yes, that’s right. ON STRIKE! We figure that if the kids choose to ignore us and be disrespectful to us and each other, it must be fun, right?

So, today, I am a Veruca. I made myself cereal, and they had to make their own. I made some yummy blueberry scones and didn’t feel like sharing. Later today, I will play with the Wii and not share because it’s mine and they might break it or something.

Results of the experiment will be shared as they unfold…

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