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Our little garden grew today!

Our tomatoes are now caged. Not that they’re big enough to need them yet, but we were able to get them. So in they went!

And in other news…our apple trees arrived today! How exciting is that?! We ordered one granny smith and one fuji, which do well in the zone where our land is. Once we get the land cleared and prepped, we’ll plant them up there.

Caroline helped me remove them from their old pots and replant them in larger ones. She loved digging in the dirt, and we got lucky enough to discover some red worm hitchhikers in the tree roots! They are now happily pigging out in our compost bin.

It was so scary pruning them! I watched the fantastic pruning video by groworganic.com, but it was still so strange cutting my tree!

I think they look beautiful!

The sky looked pretty phenomenal, too, just before sunset. And check out this bud!

I can’t wait to see how they grow once spring arrives!


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